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Letteren Vooruit strives for progress at the Faculty of Arts. Take a look at how we are engaged with every student.


In short

We are proud of this

Our vision is to not only address the issues but to actively collaborate with the faculty to find a solution. That way, we have been able to implement important improvements already.


Ensured transparency by setting up a newsletter and implementing a weekly walk-in moment with the faculty board.


Create a participation council on cluster level to enhance control of the clusters.


Enable all students to have an active voice by creating a more bilingual faculty council.

We stand for this

We are not there yet. Next year, we will commit ourselves to bring about even more progress.


Well thought-through policy on internationalization. Only there where it is possible or essential.


Enhance transparency and make policy together with student and staff.


The aversion of workload for staff to improve quality of education.


More focus on the wellbeing of students and more supportive facilities.


#1 Sigrid Dijkstra


#2 Jelke Take


#3 Lize de Kruijf


#4 Desiree Gerritsen


#5 Thomas Hoekstra


#6 Anne-Wil Bakker


#7 Jeroen van Pelt

Art History

#8 Alexander Soete

Media Studies

#9 Bart Oosterhuis



Education and Research

Education and research within the faculty of arts should be continuously developing. Letteren Vooruit strives for high quality education, but also for more possibilities for students outside of their programme. We want to ensure an optimal study environment for the students, in which they can make the most out of their studies, but in which they do not feel too much stress or pressure causing a decrease in their wellbeing.

Education and services should be focused on the wishes and freedoms of the student.


Facilities and ICT

Letteren Vooruit stresses the need for more facilities in which students can study, collaborate and hold meetings. Furthermore, because ICT is the most important studying agent for students, Letteren Vooruit thinks that it is important to ensure a fast internet connection, enough plug-sockets, copying machines and Linux computers. Sustainability is also crucial for Letteren Vooruit. With the 2020 renovation of the Harmony Building in mind, Letteren Vooruit supports an increase of the sustainability in our faculty.

Letteren Vooruit thinks it is important to create special rooms were students can work together.


Innovation in Education

It is important that the faculty keeps on track with education improving trends. Letteren Vooruit believes that correctly implementing concepts such as “flipped classroom” and “international classroom” are beneficial to education.

Letteren Vooruit is in favour of expending the availability of Massive Open Online Courses.


Financial Policy

The nancial situation at the faculty of arts is deplorable. Letteren Vooruit urges the faculty to provide more transparency regarding its nancial policy so that students are aware of the current situation and expenditure in the faculty. The current austerity measures have a big in uence on how the faculty is organised. Letteren Vooruit sees the necessity of this reorganisation, but the quality of education should not suffer as a consequence of this.

Coming council year, we will do everything to defend and maintain this openness regarding finances.



Internationalisation has been a signi cant issue within the Faculty of Arts. In the last year we have seen much discussion in regard to this. Letteren Vooruit acknowledges the bene ts of internationalisation, but we do also think that it is often done without thought and with too much haste. Within a bilingual faculty, we have to ensure quality of education for both Dutch and international students. This means better English by teachers, more support for the students and more bilingualism within participation councils.

Letteren Vooruit wants a faculty where the international student feels as much at home as the Dutch students.



Last year, the Faculty of Arts launched a new organizational structure based on clusters: five cluster boards have replaced the departmental boards. Letteren Vooruit has been critical about this reorganization. While we acknowledge the need for it, based on the financial problems the Faculty has, we feel that for it to be a success, there needs to be more clarity and evaluation within the policies. In the coming years, it is crucial that we critically evaluate the results of the clustering and employ necessary measures to avert the possible negative consequences for all studies within our faculty.

The formed cluster boards may not have negative influences on the quality of our education.


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